Night's Rally Races

With all the races we did in the past we realised one thing.
Very exciting to do but doing the same route every week or month gets really boring.
So I bring you No Road/Route Rally

Every week on the Saturday afternoon 1hour after SSI ends we will have a race.
The first event will be Saturday May 20th @ 17:00 game time
See my comment below for the starting point
Vehicles will be supplied and fueled (No using your own vehicles) and no cost to you
Routes will Definitely cross through mob areas.
All racers will be using my vehicles so you will not be able to pick up and put it in your storage
Racers must complete the race with the vehicle for a placement.
Should the vehicle explode simply teleport back and report as such and I will recall the destroyed vehicles
Each week will see a new “route”
Route will consist of a starting point and an end point, no specifications on how you travel inbetween. That is up to you
Races will not be short, all in excess of 10 000m
Each week I will comment here giving the starting point for the upcoming race.
Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd each week
Participation prizes to everyone else whether you completed or not

A test is skill and luck and good fun even if you end up exploding


For the first race we will start at Shatterrock

Meet me there Saturday, May 20th @ 17:00 game time for a race to …


count me :slight_smile:

Thanks for my first race. It’s been really fun.