Free Rally Races

After the last few months of rally races and lessons learned the Rally Races are now a steady feature and will run till the end of this year.

The race starts from the Myrene Estate near Pella tp [Ancient Greece, 36416, 24152, 150, Rally Start]
The race ends at Sparta [Ancient Greece, 35651, 19347, 101, Sparta]
Total distance of 4800m

Rally races are held every Saturday @ 17:00 game time.
[Strider MK.II (L)] and fuel is supplied.
There will be mobs and you may die but not your car so no costs
There will not be a road so find your own way
There will be steep cliffs so don’t be nervous
If your race longer than 10minutes the vehicle will despawn so this is a timed trial

Going forward the prices will change and the top 3 survivors will have a choice of a prize pack.
Each prize pack will include some peds and some items.
These packs will change each week
Winner gets first choice to choose one of 3 containers and all inside is yours

All who take part will get a prize of some kind though.
Usually someone survives to win so you should have a 10% chance to win. Sort off. Maybe.
Well see you there if you dare