DV Night Race Season

Deus Vult(DV) is well known for our races and the last few months we held a series of races on NI with big season winners prizes

Well we only have 1 race left on the 20th of August at 16:00 game time. This will be a high speed land race so no amphibious or flying vehicles. Hovercraft is allowed but only if land bound. (striders are not allowed as they are amphibious)
Small prizes for all who participate

Thus far the races have been dominated by Draxar with the standings as follows
1st - Draxar with 14pts
2nd - Gozzy - 10pts
3rd Cat - 9pts
4th - shared between Jo and White - 5pts

Prizes for the season challenge will be
1st Prize - Skyripper
2nd Prize - Kraka
3rd Prize - Strider mk 2


So yesterday we had the final race of the season.
Held on the roads surrounding First Wave Settlement it was utter chaos with all but two contestants getting lost.
Note to self: Ask devs to help mark the roads so people can see what is the track. lol
But Draxar and Beni completed and as consolation all others received 1 point for participation.
Thus the final standings for the season was

Draxar won with 19 points and was awarded a Skyripper
Gozzy was 2nd with 15 points and won a Kraka
Cat1000r won with 10 points and was awarded a Strider mk2

This concludes this season of 6 test races and I want to thank everyone who participated.
Now for me to start on the real races.
So stay tuned for when the races returns with improvements based on what we learned in this season.

Remember. Entropia is not just hunt, mine and craft. Fun can be had in many many ways


Just great! Photos will be?