I'd like to post about a charity stream coming up

I’d like to post about a charity stream coming up, in which I will be visiting multiple different worlds, including Next Island, and will end on Calypso so I can get picked up for my maiden flight with the Kronan. I wanted to get permission first, since it is not strictly related to just Next Island, but I want to get the word out to as many places as possible. The Charity will be a Mental Health Awareness related Charity. The permission of the Next Island team would be very much appreciated by both myself and the Charity Organization, and I believe, would be good optics.

Let me know as soon as possible, since the stream will be May 13th. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting! Please, send a message to either of us here or on discord so we can talk and make clear times and dates. If we can do something withouth making others feel walked all over, we will. :slight_smile:

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