Make your own entropia/ni song!

With the rise of AI anyone can create a song!
It’s a bit generic and bland BUT the thing is we can create our own original lyrics and it will just add tunes to them, and for the most part it’s usualy a banger!

I’ve created the lyrics to this and @cat1000er has had the energy to make the AI do what we want, so this is the @cat1000er song!

What song can you come up with and create?
Maybe there’s a contest to be had here? who knows!

For now, let’s celebrate next islands owner with the cat1000er song!


:smiley: That was dope!

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cool!!! Im triyng to do, but i have some problems of duration… so i think must edit the track and do some “tricks” but…

yhea i’ve had similar issues where it just cuts off to early

It cuts off like that every time. As Dante says, you need to edit the tracks to get them longer and with maybe some other details like “pauses” and stuff.

Well, there is the final version…

“The StoryTeller” by Dante Artorius Inferno


Maybe try this. Found from Suno HELP page.