Miss Watson's Sweat Extravaganza

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would finally make a post about something that has been a few months in the making.

ArchAngels have made a long-term sponsorship with me and for the last few months, we’ve worked together to come up with a bunch of weekly/ monthly events on NI to help support and bring even more excitement to this planet.

These events will range from sweat events to hunting events and much more! Some plans are still a work in progress but this post will update you on when they go live!

Right now we have the sweat event just about ready to go!
The sweat event will be held by myself once a week where 10 players will be able to sell me 1k sweat for 2.5p!

But there is more! We also have a loyalty program set up!

When you attend the event for the full hour, you will receive an attendance point. During some events, there will be double points up for grabs! These points will be able to to be redeemed for Guns and Amps as well as other items as and when we get them! (More selection in the future)

Guns and ammo are also still going to be redeemable on my twitch channel as well as additional giveaways! So you can win more than once in each event!

All the points and items redeemable will be accessible on this document below, it will be fully up to date after each event!


I’m so excited to be working with Archangels and I cannot wait to see you all there during my events! For more information please don’t hesitate to message me
In-game: Sarah SarahWatson Watson
Ask me when I go live on Twitch


LOCATION: [Ancient Greece, 33489, 19071, 116, Waypoint] Syracuse TP!


ouch, event happens after midnight in my timezone, but thanks for bringing it to the best panet in EU :love_you_gesture:

Woo, friday fun! :slight_smile:

Bump! Oh really? too short? haha

Still happening when Watson can do it.
Fun event for sweaters on a weekend.


Apologies for not being able to do it the last two weeks. Ive not been very well at all. Feeling a lot better so hoping to get it going again.

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I’m sorry to hear you’ve been ill. I hope to see you full force again.