Mission(s) for Sweaters & Weapons Blueprints as rewards

The idea would be to have sweating tasks and rewards for players and at the same time to introduce some new NI weapons.

Gather 10K Vibrant Sweat from screecher female and earn 0,1 ped TT BluePrint (L) Weapon (L)
Gather 300 Vibrant Sweat from Zeus and earn 0,1 ped TT BluePrint (L) Weapon (L)

For the story line in the NPC giving the mission, you can imagine something like , a faction is looking to analyse NI and AG Vibrant Sweat for x reason :smiley:


That would be interesting, but I think that unfortunately the game engine can’t tell the difference between the sweat collected from Screecher and the sweat collected from Zeus.


Yeah, well if it’s not possible to define mob’s sweat, it coud just be gather ?amount of vibrant sweat. :woman_mage:

And up to X amount to avoid someone just buying sweat. Although that would be sort of silly since the sweat is worth more than the BP

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No but you keep your sweat, I was thinking a system similar to the scouting resources mission, in which you have to find stones, fruits, and dung. In that mission, you keep all what you find, but it count for mission aswell. I was thinking a similar thing for the sweating taks.

If you sweat you keep your sweat, but it counts for the task…

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