Petition to bring back the sweat bot

Click vote to sign the petition, also please leave a message as to how they can improve the wet circle to avoid people run off with the mob

By signing this petition you agree to behave with the sweatbot

  • Bring back the sweatbot, click vote to sign here
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I would hope players just grow up and use the circle as intended and dont take sweatbot for walks or try and find exploits to what was created there.
Thank you to the devs for making wetcircle it helps a lot and is really unique.

My suggestion. Place visible gun turrets all around the tent. I think its the stel guns that looks like anti aircraft guns. It will make it look uglier but can be place all around as a reminder to not pull it away, and to kill sweatbot anytime anyone drags it through the water
Plus it has a big written message, make my day. As a reminder to the people who feel like starting something


One way to have it as it was recently for a week, namely stationary.
Was plenty of complaints, but maybe there are more people that would prefer that rather than no bot at all. Interesting thread, will keep track of it. :slight_smile:


I can only think of a turret as a solution. The only issue I found before it was stationary was that it got stuck hitting the same player after being dry and if the player had a lot of HP you had to kill it or lure it shooting it. When the player did die it stayed mezmerized for quite a long time and wouldn’t attack another player, so he could down it.

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I think Naity has come up with a good idea:

“maybe make the sweat bot undrownable until its dry and then selfdestruct that thing”

It’s an interesting idea but I don’t think’ it’s possible atm-

Selfdestucting bot is all i want now, it goes boom and everyone in a radius takes damage/dies!