Sweat circles at Crystal Peak

Okay so this thread is for me to get feedback from players.
The changes around CP had us make the mobs a bit bigger for when the sweaters are more.
However seems like this created other issues.

So feedback from anyone regarding the sweat circles and the mobs please.

Is the size and variation of sizes of the screechers good?
Should we adjust the circle locations a bit? If so any ideas on how you need it?
Seems to me hunters like the spot to hunt but sweaters and hunters in the same area seems to clash at times. Any suggestions how you see this resolved?

And before someone says something like “You are the devs this is your job to sort these things out not ours”
And I can already imagine at leat one person who would say that
We have ideas on what we want to do and unless anyone gives feedback we will do exactly that.
This is simply on open discussion around the CP sweat area. Feel free to make suggestions. Try to keep from making this an argument or a place to vent please. For venting message me direct and call me a poop head. Not here.


The problem really takes place. When we have 4-5 people, it is hard to get L4-5 birdy, big birdies L8-9 have a big aggro radius and attack a puller. When we have a lot of people (more then 10), L8-9 birdy is not a problem but if we use the first circle, the big birdies L8-9 often come and attack sweaters. It is really annoying.
I’ve found that moving the first circle center [Next Island, 136860, 83400, 111, Waypoint] (it is close to old position) will help to avoid big birdies L8-9 sweaters attacks.
To make easy getting L4-5 birdy should have 2 spawns. the first one is L4-6 birdies not far from the first circle. The second one is L7-9+ not far from stable or the heal zone.
Hope it will be useful.

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