Screecher spawn increase

hi I was wondering about the screechers near screeching hollow [Next Island, 134370, 84902, 166, Waypoint] it seems a lot of players hunt at crystal peak for the 5k screecher kills as the spawn at the hollow doesn’t respawn as quick as crystal peak. So just wondering if there’s plans to increase it near screeching hollow.


There is also a large Screecher spawn near to Shepards Beach I believe, have you checked this out? :slight_smile:

we are finding that more players are choosing to hunt their moloch mission at cp rather than near hollow or the beach, we asked a few and they said that the spawn is much better at cp. But this sometimes conflicts with sweat circles running there as sometimes we end up with no sweatable birds as they are being killed before getting to the circle. Though it would be nice if others commented on this otherwise its just my word for it xD


Would also be nice for slightly bigger ones since sometimes the sweat circles get a little big and the screechers dry up pretty fast ^^