Chimera heart hard to win?

I don’t know if this is a suggestion or a bug but seems that hearts have slowed down almost to a halt and aren’t dropping like they used to. I hardly get any from the chimeras , if at all. so was just wondering if its one of those things that might need a loot increase? Or whether this was an intended thing, if its needed for the ghost screecher instance along with the plate upgrade I feel not many are doing the instance now. Which is a shame because the magical forest is super cool and pretty. (plus it gave me my first hunting hof)

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Chimera hearts used to drop left and right. That seems to have changed.
Was the change in drop rate a bug or on purpose?

Also I’d like to know if they still drop on desert crawlers.

Hey Cat,

So I’d first premise this conversation by saying that you will never get much specific clarification on loot, due to the nature of the game and MA’s own standpoint. I will however try to give some insight.

As a short answer, I believe everything is working as intended currently.

The long answer is that drop rates for items, are a combination of our end, and MA’s ongoing balancing. As you may well know, many items on Next Island have changed in rarity over the years. This happens by design as we attempt to ensure things are balanced, uses for certain items may increase or decrease over time or with changes, and much more. We also intend for many items to be rare, as without rarity (in regards to supply and demand), you cannot have MU :slight_smile: .

Then as well you have MA’s balancing, which is ongoing and ensures things keep according to our intentions and general economy and game wide balance. Nothing more I can really say about this.

I will take a look anyway, but I’m not sure how much I can comment on it. It is noted however :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

np thanks for replying, I’ve had a few people asking me about it so just wanted to get a clearer picture, so that what I’m telling people isn’t just me saying it xD. yer I thought this was the case, its nice to have rare items (it increases the market for them) just so hard to get when you want to use for your own personal use. I think hearts are at 1 ped a heart now xD and rising

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