Strange things happens

met overgrown grey papoo guardian


Oops, those are not supposed to be there.
I’ll have a look at the settings. Do they spawn often?

1st time i encountered it, found it in north of First Wave Settlement tp, when i saw it almost unloaded to my pants

turret did not kill papoos at CP

The papoos you pulled are shared loot mobs. That specific turret is not set to kill shared loot mobs as that would also attack dev spawns.

ahh, gotcha, next time will pull more:)

think Osiris set to target shared mobs, brought a lot of friendly papoos to festive CP, all were killed by turret, their blood on you now

Hehe. I don’t mind blaming Osiris for anything, but as far as I can see the turret does not kill any shared loot atm. So maybe it was just the timer running out for the grey spawn?

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I have been doing dailies for three days in that location, seems my fellow is gone:( I met him only few times there, but usually I do the daily at mission point with papoo wave.

flower in a middle of nowhere

could not interact with Japanies stewartia, also there were few more to interact, like burned tree, etc. Seems for upcomming mission?

The flower was there since the start I believe. At first all the flowers were well spread out and was later moved closer to teleporters. Except a few that are still in the wilderness. :slight_smile:

The trees are part of the N.E.O, Training quest and can interacted with at a certain point.

ah, ty for explaining

Zeus left Olypmus? O.O, catch him Circe

From the pic it looks like cat left you :smiley:

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yes, she did while i heroicly stand before Zeus she ran away like turbo cat, but the fate cought her and she lost one more life. But look at position Zeus was - wp/[Ancient Greece, 39367, 17681, 107, Waypoint], while supposed to be at Mount Olympus

There’s I think 4 locations for him now, so no he didn’t run away he cloned himself :smiley:

:D, thanks for explaining

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drifting rocks at Knossos

I think that’s the same rocks that have been reported before. On the “other side” of Gorgon.
They can’t be removed atm, but thanks. :slight_smile:

why to remove? looks cool, unless hits someone’s head