Strange things happens

met overgrown grey papoo guardian


Oops, those are not supposed to be there.
I’ll have a look at the settings. Do they spawn often?

1st time i encountered it, found it in north of First Wave Settlement tp, when i saw it almost unloaded to my pants

turret did not kill papoos at CP

The papoos you pulled are shared loot mobs. That specific turret is not set to kill shared loot mobs as that would also attack dev spawns.

ahh, gotcha, next time will pull more:)

think Osiris set to target shared mobs, brought a lot of friendly papoos to festive CP, all were killed by turret, their blood on you now

Hehe. I don’t mind blaming Osiris for anything, but as far as I can see the turret does not kill any shared loot atm. So maybe it was just the timer running out for the grey spawn?

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