Weekly chimera not repeatable?

Is anyone else having an issue with the weekly to kill 2000 chimera not showing up again for a few weeks after it’s been completed? I completed it over two weeks ago but have not been able to grab it since then and from what I understand, the weekly timer should start when you grab it which was over three weeks ago. Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Just to clarify to others, it’s the NEO weekly to kill 1000 chimeras that is being mentioned.
I have not heard any issues with any of the weeklies (that all changed setup at the same time).
So I would as well like to hear from others about this specific quest ofc but also any of the others to know they are working as intended.

The specific mission I was referencing was the weekly to kill 2000 given by Regina at sypherton gardens and the reward is 15 clicks of the Eid mk1 blueprint. Sorry I should have been more specific in my original post. I completed it and got the reward a couple weeks ago but have not been able to grab it again since then and all of the info I can find on that mission says that it is a weekly

Oh ok, that’s interesting. Also interesting that I forgot about that quest.
So that one was NOT made to start count down when you take it, which I’ll see if I can do now instead.
However, that doesn’t matter since you said it was weeks ago.
i see nothing in the quest itself and it has been around for a while without edits.
Hoping to hear from other players on this since this is the first time I read something about it.

I have the same experience with the 2000 chimera mission. From completion to retake was a nine day gap. I feel something has changed because I used to get 2 of the 1000 chimera mission to 1 2000 chimera. On the nose. Now it’ thrown off.

The quest hasn’t been changed, but we are changing it now so that it starts counting down from when taking it at least. I can’t answer why it takes longer it’s very strange.