Watson's and Cat's Master guide! UPDATED 31/07/2023

Hi Everyone!

Some of you may know but for those who don’t, Cat and myself have been compiling a few tables together on how we would deal with the various crystals that drop on Next Island. In this topic, we will discuss what Cat and myself would do with the crystals.

We both have different mentalities when it comes to crystals. Cat focuses more on Crafting whereas I focus more on Hunting and markup of the crystals, so there are two unique views on the crystals.

We currently have a Mob drop list on the go and we will upload that as well once we are happy everything has been put on the list. For now, I have left a link here to the crystal list. It would be interesting to see how your view matches or changes depending on how you play the game. If this thread gets enough traffic, I might add a third collum showing an overall average of the community on whether they would TT, Sell or Craft.



!EDIT! Some added info for you guys:

These hunts are only a maximum 100 - 200 ped cycled. So rare drops mean we only got about 10 or less in total. These hunts usually also last only 2 hours. Our plan is to revisit these mobs every few months to see if the loot has changed in anyway and update the drops accordingly.

We will add to this forum the mob drops and other information in the future!


Cheers to the effort to collect this information. Thank you for sharing it.


We’re so glad you like it DBug!

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Nice work!

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Glad you like it! We’re hoping to add more mobs soon!