Mentor on Next Island

Hello Islanders,
If you are new to the game and need some mentoring, look no further, here is the best mentor in the game. At the moment and for at least a few more months I am on Next Island. I will show you the Beauty of Next Island and the Secrets of Ancient Greece. Help you get your Disciple Armor and become an Uber Legend and not some average Noob. If you want to be my Disciple look for Wand AxeMurderer Silva in mentor registry ingame and apply. Here is a picture of me so you know I am not some creep.


The creepy avatar in the window! :laughing:

Indeed, do consider AxeMurderer for your mentoring needs and check out their YouTube channel if you need more:

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That channel looks very cool and professional. Thanks!
Also a lot of useful information how on Entropia Universe.

Today lesson is how to find double Caroot on Next Island.

S4E333 Mining Dark Lysterium on Next Island - Next Island - YouTube


Today lesson: Don’t hunt sharks at night?

S4E338 Lost Shipwreck - Part 2 - Next Island - YouTube


If you are new player and need mentor I am here for you!

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IN today lesson: Hot to get Hematite Crystal to Craft Haruspex Voodoo Boots for Get Haruspex V.I.P. Status Mission.

S5E462 Killing Cyclops to get 80 Hematite Crystal from Hiresh Daily to Craft Haruspex Voodoo Boots - YouTube