Introducing Osiris

Some of you have seen me in game a few times and may have seen me on discord or seen a random Bruce running around NI and may be wondering who is this ghost that just showed up one day.

Before I bore you with information about me I would like to share something else first.

You may have noticed recently an increase in public appearances by Circe.

A few have seen me around as well and some have shot and killed some delinquent shared loot Bruce that randomly showed up and starting biting your leg.

These are not as random is you may think and is just part of the Next Island Developer Team working to be more accessible and involved in a visible way in the Next Island Community.

Circe, Poseidon and myself, Osiris, will be doing what we can to be more in game even if just for a few minutes at a time.

Feel free to chat to us we are not some dungeon boss to be feared.

And please, feel free to post your suggestions on our discord channel.

Not every idea is possible, practical, within the budget, allowed or within the future plans but we want you to have a voice and input to us and the game.

For years you asked for trees on Next Island. It was heard and Circe worked hard to get that done.

Other ideas you had was heard and is being worked on. Some failed some takes longer than expected and some may only be possible under UE5 but they were heard and considered and many has been worked on or adopted in some form or another.

So that brings us back to me, the new guy.

I am newer to the team or game than either Poseidon or Circe, so I still have a lot left to learn. But I am a passionate gamer and I strongly believe in the value and importance of the community in any MMO.

We log in and play our favorite game for various reasons. No matter why you are here we want this to be a place of fun. Yes its real cash but its still a game.

Next Island wants to put the fun back in your daily experience here.

And a major part of that is the community. For the past few years a core of players has formed within Next Island. Some started with NI from her early days. Some of you arrived when NI was still broken and abandoned. Some of you only arrived recently. No matter when you arrived you found a place you love and people you enjoy spending time with.

As community manager my hope is to assist in helping that grow. The greatest value of Next Island is not the mobs, items, missions or even the officials but you, the community.

So to officially say hello to the players we will have a dev spawn event with a difference.

This is not a boss mob event but a mid level mob event. So we hope that anyone with any gun you have even a slingshot will show up and join in the hunt. Being shared loot everyone will get loot. We ask that you limit yourself to 10dps or less so mobs do not die instantly.

This will be held on Saturday 11 February, 2023 @ 17:00 game time till 18:00 game time @ Pergamon TP

For the higher level hunters we did not forget about you though and we will be doing a high level mob spawn event for you at a later date


Anyone is welcome of course of any level. Just the mobs will not be major boss mobs.

Welcome! Will love to shoot some shared loot mobs.

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Now all we have to do is wait and bet on how long it takes for Osiris to find an avatar picture he likes :smiley:

Osiris… welcome!! and… mmm… maybe “Ancient Egypt” in the future?? im thinking missions: “Find the Canopes”… “Looking for the Ankh”… and more :slight_smile:

Glad to read this as i recently came back to NI after 1 year and 4 months on Caly.

The more green dots i see on my radar on this planet the better, the more you do to motivate others to come to NI the better :slight_smile:


Bit late but welcome Osiris :slight_smile: