Getting Official Support with Events

Greetings all,

In this topic I’d like to explain how to go about getting official Next Island support for player run events.

While a number of you are no strangers to hosting events on Next Island, for those who are new to our lovely planet, or those just looking for clarification, this topic should help. If you have any further questions, please reply below so I may update this post accordingly.

All events that involve NI must be public access and well advertised in advance. While it’s fine to have an event for your society etc, you must allow anyone to attend, in the interest of fairness. Of course events with specific rules like fashion ones of course are fine, but for example having a private creature spawn event is not acceptable.

Prior Notice:
Any event you wish to run which may involve cooperation with the Next Island team needs to be organised well in advance. Please don’t be surprised if we deny/don’t respond to queries like; “I’m running an event in an hour, can you come?”.

Events ideally should be coordinated at least a week in advance, and any complex events requiring more than just having an official present may want to consider organising even earlier. Events that may involve spawning creatures or sponsors for example may need much longer for us to internally discuss and/or get appropriate approvals.

Lastly, please do remember we are humans with real lives too, so if we say we can’t make it, please be understanding.

Here’s some Q&A:

I'd like to have an official attend my event

While we can’t always guarantee we can make it at a given time or date, get in touch with myself via various methods, we’ll try our best to make time for your event. You are always welcome to request a specific Official if you would like.

Generally we can help with the following during events:

  • Keeping an eye on players to ensure behaviour is acceptable

  • Being “Guest Judges” on events

  • Assisting in movement of players around NI via wormholes

  • Healing

  • Just being super cool! :wink:

I'd like NI to sponsor my event

You are always welcome to ask for sponsors, though please be aware that we may say no.

When asking for sponsors, you should have a clear idea already of what the event is, what will happen and how you plan to award prizes. Naturally we will discuss this with you.

You are welcome to suggest rough ideas for prizes, though ultimately if we do decide to sponsor, we will determine what prizes we can make available to you.

Finally, sponsors from NI generally are only given to large scale events, so please don’t be offended if you don’t get one.

I'd like to organise a creature spawn event

These are by far the largest, and most difficult events to organise. Generally we’d ask for at least a month on advance notice, as much organisation on our end must take place.

Depending on the scale of the proposed event, it’s likely that we may need multiple officials to attend. Therefore I suggest you remain flexible with dates and times, as this may dramatically change the scale of event we can offer.

A great example of such an event would be @Bonnie Interplanetary Boss Waves. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind offering a few tips on organising an event of this scale if you ask nicely :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll update this post with more as questions come up.