Next Island - Who to contact for support

If you have an issue, concern, question or otherwise - here’s the best ways on Next Island to get support for different issues. We’ll expand on responses to frequent issues as they come up.

Points of Contact:

MA Live Support

Contactable in-game by searching “LiveSupport” in the user register. Also can be contacted via web chat.

Next Island Officials

The following Next Island Officials can be contacted in-game by searching their name in the user register:

  • NextIsland Official Circe

  • NextIsland Official Poseidon

Community Manager (Socrates)

You can contact me in the following ways:

  • Discord: Socrates#5322

  • In-Game: NextIsland Official Socrates

  • Forum: Press on my profile picture and you will see the “Send Message” option.

Frequent Issues:

Stuck/Trapped in-game?

Quickest way to resolve is by contact in-game LiveSupport Avatars. You can search “LiveSupport” into the user register to see online officials.

Failing this, you can contact myself or any of the other Next Island Officials.

Disciple Armour Swap

If you need to swap your Pixie armour reward for the NI Atlas set, you need to make a support case to MA.

Bug Report/Suggestion

If your bug report concerns lag and/or server issues, please contact LiveSupport

Bug Reports and suggestions can be submitted here on the forum. If you believe your bug to be time-critically serious, you can contact myself via any of the above methods.

Complaint about another player

If you have a complaint to make about other player, such as you may feel they are harassing you, then the best course of official action is to create a support case.

However, if taking place on Next Island you are more than welcome to contact myself, so that things may be resolved verbally, or otherwise advise you on the best course of action.

It’s important to remember to gather evidence (screenshots) before making a support case.

General Next Island Enquiry

You may contact myself via any of the methods above.

What are the results for -x- month of the community program?

All results for each month of the Community Recognition Program are in the forum category for it. If there isn’t a post there for said given month, then the results have not yet been processed. You won’t be told the results privately prior to the official post, so please do not ask for results prior to announcement.