Monthly Community Bulletin Submissions

Greetings all!

First of all I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! :partying_face:

One thing I noted from the suggestions we received in Next Island Feedback - Tell us what you think was that some of you would like to see a Monthly Community Bulletin to see what has been happening on Next Island.

I very much like the idea, as a way for players to share their achievements, globals, what they’ve been up to, screenshots and more, as well as anything from us. So with that, I’d like to give it a go for this month!

You can use this thread to submit any of the following (but not limited to);

  • Interesting globals/HoFs - maybe you discovered something new, got a great HoF or found something rare!

  • Take some pretty screenshots? Please share them here!

  • Have a funny or interesting story to share? Post it below

  • Ran or participated in a cool event? Share the details :slight_smile:

  • Got a recent achievement? Maybe it is a new unlock, big gear upgrade, new profession level, cool new outfit or more! Let us know!

Of course even if it doesn’t fit into the above, please share it and at the end of the month I will select some of the things posted that I think would be great to share with the community. You are also welcome to send any of these things directly to me via the forum or Discord.

Thank you!


I’ll just leave this here xD was painful for a 0 ped plate lol


o.o first hunting hof and it was a ghost…


Finally got the full set of Raider!!


zessti beat me to it lol

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I didnt go for the NI armour last time the CRP was ongoing…been feeling kinda jelly on Cat for her Shiny armour…so felt big when I got my first part today. And it was my Favourite part!!! The helmet xD