Crystal Peak Booth #7 for Sale

WTS Crystal Peak Booth #7 on NI. Maybe you’re looking for something different maybe a beach vacation?
Crystal Peak Area is the “main hub” area per say. similar to that of the Quarry in Arkadia.
Indoor: 0ip
Display: 0ip
Addt. Area: 70ip
Total: 70ip

/wp [Next Island, 136794, 83470, 113]

EZ to get to and from.
NI is becoming busier and busier as time goes on, theyre bringing a lot of hunters grinding Molochs which drop the amazing Titan Armor set pieces and other items. The gorgon waves for the armor upgrades and plates. They continue to add more for hunters so, this would be a perfect location for an actual Armory. If you have questions ask! <3

25k PEDs, AUD’s, AMD’s, or mixture!

Items of interest:
Sweat@ 1.4/k
2000 Unreal Tokens
Or 500 Calypso Plot tokens

Put some thought into this. If your new to owning a shop with the purchase ill even teach you everything you need to know and always be open to questions. Theres little info out there so, im willing to help you out and make it as successful as you’re willing to make it <3