Crystal Peak Booths Bugs

I recently purchased one of the booths that advertised as 100ip 70 in “additional” area and 30 in “display” area @ the price of 1k USD. now ive submit a bug to MA they responded that is was Next Islands issue which then i msg’d Socrates but, i have no response yet im assuming busy? but, ive now talked to a few ppl about this and is seems as if its a pass the buck thing? >< idk…im here to hopefully resolve this one way or another i have ideas that maybe we could make everyone happy for their purchase with little work from NI dev’s for next VU or patch or however it would work.

I’ve been told the reason this is the way it is because they’re bugged and it something MA has to fix? and they say the opposite? though every booth in ark, cyrene, toulan, caly dont have this issue so, again my thoughts


  1. maybe the issue is the original coding from the Original planet partner? if this was the case why dont we create new booth coding that encompasses the values that were offered/advertised?

  2. if there is a bug the dev could just add the 30ip to the “additional” area which we know this can be done since you can pay 2k ped to add ip to the shops/booths. this is probably the easiest fix and would just be applied to all the booths and then we leave the 30ip bugged since it doesnt work then at least the buyers/owners would at least get what they thought they were paying for.

  3. maybe just add a small space to all the booth that would allow you to apply the 30ip to that “display” area again another simple fix that wouldnt be to hard. though idk 100% all the details in doing so, which is why i believe option 2 is the easiest.

  4. Maybe even assign the roof as the “display” area to make us able to use the ip there

No one like buying a 3 bedroom house and learning after it only has 2 bedrooms. Thanks for your time and I hope this is perceived more as a way to fix/cure the complaints in simple yet effective ways rather than a QQ session! no matter the fix thanks for your time and I look forward to providing a booth/shop that meets and exceeds the communities needs

Id also like to add if its possible sometime in the near future to straighten the boards under the booths since when laying carpets they bug under the planks if placed 1 way or another and large carpets dont work since half of them are cut off from the planks
bug-3 — ImgBB

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Very good points raised Firefist. It is very concerning that the booths were sold with 30 item points in the stats that we still can’t put to use months later. I think the appropriate thing would be for which ever entity responsible for entering/designing the stats in the estate to fix the issue.

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