Serpentine Shops

If this hasn’t been done in the past let me be the first. I will say I am NOT a serpentine shop owner so, this is just my own opinion that I share with many. Personally I feel the shops are in such weird placement its very difficult for consumer’s to shop from these shops. many ppl ive talked to know of 4-5 shops at this location due to placement. im sure if ur familiar with all 7 shops in Serpentine you know what im referring too.

but, with that said I feel we should consider placement of all 7 shops to circle the lake there where the WP is? or maybe half circle it then create a cliff step with stairs that would lead to the new shops that would be placed behind and above the lower level shops? it would make it a far better turn out not just for the shop owners but, the consumers since they might be missing merchandise that was there all along but, couldnt ever find? and this would also, benefit the PP due to more taxes being collected so, all in all everyone wins.


I think you’re right… I’m on the island since a long time, and it’s always complicated to visit ALL the shops at Serpentine. It feels that some of them are in weird places. It could be better if the path was more simple and short.


Until I saw your post I had thought I had seen all the stores there but i guess not . so today i went looking for them and found some that i hadnt been to. They were indeed confusing to get too.

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Hello @FireFist!

I can certainly understand where this suggestion comes from. The suggestion is good, although there are a number of factors that would prevent/be of issue for making that change:

  • All Shop owners would need to be in agreement

  • It would alter the perceived valuation of the individual estates

For these reasons and the work involved it isn’t something we’d really look into unless the owners asked particularly.

However, one thing we certainly could do is create a “map” image, with the various shops, and place it on a notice board near the TP. It’s something we can look into :slight_smile:


there you have it all Serpentine Village shop owners come out and speak up if you want to have this happen. or reach out to the others so, they know so, they can speak up also. I posted this suggestion and have no Shop owners commenting lol nows your time to speak up or forever hold your peace.

Example #1
Example #2
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Let me be the first to say I am in no way an artist or very creative. lol but, i thought i’d add a rough idea of a couple ideas I had in mind. And now that im a shop owner. Thought i’d go forward with this a little more. I have sent a message to all the shop owners now and for those of you that received the message you can kinda see what I mean as an Idea. Of course I leave it all in the hands of the real creative and the real artists in this area to formulate the real realignment here lol

Also, I assume Dev’s would like a rough idea of which shops would go where. So, imho I feel order should go with best position in current Serpentine alignment would choose first then go down the line from there. I feel this will benefit everyone more in the general idea more ppl would flow to Serpentine simply since theres more to come to since the general idea from ppl is serpentine has 4-5 shops lol.

Now who would decide choice priority? I feel we could leave that up to the dev’s? if we all agree on that? or obviously open to ideas there. I’m sure we all agree Alya’s Shop would take first priority but, after that on some of them im sure it could be a “tie” and the last would follow imo shop #6 then #5 (my shop) which im ok with w/e would be left with the changes in this case.

Again plz if you own a Serpentine Shop leave a comment and lets come together and make serpentine more shoppable :smiley: To those that might ask. I made this post far before I was an owner and was just a consumer. As a consumer we like to get to our shops fast get in and get out so, we can get on with playing the game :smiley: the better our shops are the better the consumer experience which can only benefit the shops and the PP. Thank you again for your time and wish you all well. I look forward to a better tomorrow! :smiley:

As a shopowner of shop VII - Caimen’s ArMatrix Weapon Bazaar, I am by far not in the worst location, but it is awkward none the less. He’s right that Medusa functions well because of the layout. The vast majority of the shops in Entropia, not just next island are in terrible configurations for efficient shopping. Serpentine isn’t really that bad when you compare it to the many other shop configurations around Entropia, it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing shopping areas. Alya certainly has the best location by far, they would need to approve this more than anyone. As their shop currently should have the highest property valuation. I’m not sure who owns Shop V but they are by far in the worst position. I personally would vote for a more circular approach (ideally with some hills for aesthetics), but am in complete agreement that everyone needs to agree.

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Again, thanks for the suggestion @FireFist though as mentioned this isn’t something we plan on looking at for the time being at least :slight_smile: Of course you are welcome to flesh out your ideas here.

I have just obtained Serpentine Shop #2 and I am in favor of this change big time! Also owned Serpentine Shop #3 and Serpentine Shop #5 and Serpentine Shop #7 prior to reselling them. Being able to easily find all shop locations upon teleportation would greatly benefit every Serpentine shop owner, may even boost sales. The tiki lounge where storage, trade terminal, and other luxuries are located, could also be located right in the center or end for convenience. The distance from TP to each shop location is a decent journey currently. Especially getting to #5. Hopefully the distance is shortened somewhat from this change <3. Thank you for reading this :slight_smile:

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Also I should mention there is an issue with the teleport. Sometimes when teleporting in, you spawn underneath the teleport pad, you are then stuck and have to use T to get out. This is one the most frustrating things about the Serpentine Shop area.

Seeing as Socrates doesn’t seem to keen on making changes anytime soon, I would also be up for pooling PED together and seeing if Alya would allow us to post a gigantium screen with a map and shopping directory since they are closest to the TP. I would put one up at my shop, but I have noticed many people don’t look up and see my signs out there. I would be willing to make the graphic for it and map out the current shops.


@caimen As mentioned above, we have already suggested we can add a map of the shops into the game next to the TP :slight_smile:

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Hello, i am the owner of Serpentine Shop 6. It would be great to make shops more accessible.


i understand this which is why i mentioned stating we need the owners support for this so, I msg;d all the owners and an idea of what im thinking so, then if we get all the owners support then u guys have something to go off instead of being left with nothing. I like to give a way to solve an issue than make u guys figure it out…

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I’m not a serpentine shop owner, but I really wish I could have got one xD I just created a crude shop map for the locations as they are (edit:) after reading alyas post I can understand so took the second image down of my rework xD I can show it to anyone that wants to see but it’ll be more like a ‘what if’ type image

(I’ll add this also to the wiki part of the forum if its ok to do so)


So I am the one with the nice easy location and I’ll admit, I worked hard to have that shop. I shared my reasons in game as I was having trouble getting in here at first. I worked hard to have my spot and purchased it because of its great location. I know I’m making myself the awful horrible person by not wanting to agree.


So I just saw Caimen’s post. We could talk more about this. I assume you mean to place on my shop grounds given my location? I will not promise but I’d be willing to discuss further and see how it looked yes.

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like i said via msg this doesnt make u an “awful” person ur allowed to have ur opinions on the situation :smiley: ur allowed to show how u feel about it :smiley: thats imo the whole idea everyone sharing their thoughts on whats suggested etc. maybe bounce idea etc. :smiley: its not one idea rules all :smiley: again ty for comment that means the most tbh :smiley: I get excited when the community get engaged :smiley: lol (fyi to anyone that my ask this isnt sarcastic…) We might not like it but, in my case i do want to hear it.

I love the map cat. Way better than I would have done.

No one can really blame you for your position Alya, if I were in your place, I would have exactly the same opinion. Being a shopowner is about making PED and this is to your strategic advantage for a multitude of reasons. Plus you have a nice shop.

As far as a sign you would have a much better idea about what would look good and where it could go. As for myself, as long as you own the shop I would be willing to donate the gigantium sign for a map. I could take cats design add shop names for a directory, put a “You are here” symbol on it. I know that takes item points away from your front, so I figure if I donate the sign and if anyone else wanted to chip in some item space “rent”. We could probably negotiate that since we seem to have quite a few of the shopowners in one place here.

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I should say if you want to negotiate that in private, always feel free to message me in game Caimen Caimen Rochford. Thanks.

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Maybe what at least for my shop the #5 location we could add a path/road that leads to it so, ppl know its over there? cuz theres no roads/paths that lead to it implying nothing is over there. If we had a road it would kinda be a signal oh i should look over here at least? I assume without the consent of Alya my original plan wont take place so, I have a couple suggestions maybe

For here if there was some sort of path showing theres more behind the HUGE hill block shop #5? or maybe even remove the giant hill would work with a path.
So, if we remove this cliff rock like structure here it would open up the area where ppl could at least see shop #6 if theyre looking around.

I know these solutions are I feel maybe easier to complete without devaluing Alya’s and other locations. Just a few simple things that could open up the area for those shop owners myself included which againt would make shopping serpentine a lot easier imo which in turn would increase revenues for the PP