Serpentine Shop #5 For Sale

here you can see the shop

FireFist’s Serpentine Shop #5 Inventory - Trading / Shops - Next Island

Starting at 5x CLD’s
Buyout is 7x CLD’s

Once the starting bid has been met there will be a 1 week phase like in the AH if no other bids the Shop will be sold. I reserve the right to cancel at anytime prior to receiving the starting bid. I wont be able to cancel once starting bid has been placed.

To save us any trouble once Starting bid has been met any increases in bid will have to be a minimum of an AUD or 100ped.

Currently im interested in CLD’s or Ped is fine too. Cant beat the Almighty Ped :stuck_out_tongue: lol

175IP : Indoors=150ip Display Area=10ip Additional Area=15ip

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not an easy way to bump this so, here it is :stuck_out_tongue:

We have started the bid at now 5xCLD’s we have a buyer! so, 7 days from now we will close this sale. If you do bid plz do so, in CLD’s or minimum bump is 1xAUD

I’ve also, lowered the buyout by not 1xCLD but, by 2xCLDs! how is that motivation to close the deal fast! 7xCLD’s or equivalent and you can have a shop of ur very own! let the bidding commence!

Couple more days left its time to get in while you can current bid is 5x CLD’s