NI - Serpentine Shop #2 for sale

WTS Serpentine #2 on NI. Maybe you’re looking for something different maybe a beach vacation?

Indoor: 150ip
Display: 10ip
Addt. Area: 14ip
Total: 174ip

You can see shop clearly from WP, EZ to manage, EZ to get to and from.
NI is becoming busier and busier as time goes on, theyre bringing a lot of hunters grinding Molochs which drop the amazing Titan Armor set pieces and other items. The gorgon waves for the armor upgrades and plates. They continue to add more for hunters so, this would be a perfect location for an actual Armory. If you have questions ask! <3

28k PEDs, 280 AUD’s, 9 CLD’s, or mixture!
(Currently have for sale in SK at booth #6 in Crystal Peak, Just know you purchase from SK it comes with everything currently in the shop, which is why its priced higher)

Looking to buy a warp capable ship so, liquidating locations
Wouldnt turn down a 2016 Xmas or Argonaut Claws, Weak, FEN Edition

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turtle turtle dove dove meow skittles

“Give them nothing! But take from them everything!”
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updated again maybe we can stroke a deal send pm <3

maybe ur looking at this and maybe wanna give it a go? maybe u have the claw and are like well id like to try it first! how bout we make the trade and give it a month if u dont like it enough we trade back? Id say thats a fair deal though trust comes into play but, I feel im a very fair person <3

Ill give same offer if u have deeds to trade for it. the deed payout would be mine think of it as “Rent” but, if u dont like we trade back after a month <3

Pending Sale