Remaining Collection + Skyrippers


Good afternoon all!

There are still a few people left who need to collect their outstanding Ascension Armour pieces. If you have not already (ignore if you have) please reach out to me on Discord preferably, but failing that you can send me a message here on the forum too. We can then work out a time that suits you to meet up and trade.

For those waiting on Skyrippers (as sadly these were out of stock!), I’m pleased to say we’ve had a delivery :sunglasses: so drop me a message if you are waiting on one.

I’m aiming to be around for trades all afternoon tomorrow and on/off in the evening - but please do not stress if you aren’t, we can arrange a time in messages.

Before I close, I wish everyone a happy TWEN and the best of luck in the universe :heart:

See you around!
– Socrates