Serpentine Shops

The hill im referring too that if we removed it and had it as a gradual inclining hill that led upto the shop so, it was at least visible to the average consumer looking around would be nice.

as u can see in the picture u barely see the tip of the roof that no one is going to notice and has noticed since most ppl dont know where this is lol.

I’d also, like to have a request also, if these wooden crates could be removed? kind of an eye sore >< the building is built and im moved in (no one else has them) lmfao


Hi All,

I like some of the ideas and agree that the town needs work; however…

I paid an extra 30% for my location at the top of the hill, so I am not keen on this idea especially after seeing the new position my shop would be in. Sales have been insanely good at my spot, so my thinking if its not broken don’t fix it.