Bugs in the clothes from Next Island


This bug has been around for a long time. Here is what [Island Shirt (F,C)] looks like and what it should look like.

Why this happens we can see in the preview window. By the way, the men’s shirt is free of this bug.

This is a very pretty blouse. But no one wants to wear it. How can we sell this marriage to anyone?

And this is what happens to [Rinoa Bikini (F)] when you wear [Rexely Mesh Tanktop (F,C)] with it.

Can we hope to have these pesky bugs fixed in a reasonable time?

The leggings have multiple cutouts with a body mesh.

It seems you forgot to draw a seam here.

Not a mistake, but a wish. If possible, please remove these wraps on the avatar’s shins.

I love these leggings and would love to wear them. But because of that ugliness on my shins, I don’t. I think a lot of people share my opinion and that’s why these clothes are hard to sell. It has so much more potential than having a markup of +3 and being sold 8 times in its entire existence. That’s a small disadvantage to Next Island’s economy, which has emphasized tailoring other than Gorgon armor.

I understand that in the designer’s opinion, this is how female members of the Resa faction should look. Their appearance must match the planet’s history that you made up. However, our avatars do not belong to this history and the clothes we wear are based more on the clothes of the respective faction than they correspond exactly to it.

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Hi Socrates!

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I see that you pay enough attention to feedback from the gaming community.

And now I will say on the subject of this thread.
It is easy to see that [Rexely Mesh Tanktop (F,C)] has absolutely no effect. This error occurs both without clothes

and when other clothes are worn.

However, after what you said about the immutability of the design, I am no longer interested in this problem. I won’t sew these clothes, and I’m afraid other players won’t either. To preserve your design, you might consider splitting this garment into two parts, a top and a bottom, which can be sewn separately and worn separately from each other.

You didn’t say anything about [Island Shirt (F,C)]. Will no one fix this blouse either?

Will the Next Island development team try to work with the Calypso development team to fix the combination of [Rinoa Bikini (F)] and [Rexely Mesh Tanktop (F,C)]?