The mankinis are invisible xD

I never realised how invisible the mankini’s are on a shop or stall, I was just wondering if there is any way to make these more visible. Well I don’t know how visible you can make a thin string but just enough so you can see it on a stall xD


That being said, could we have a kini stand tree blueprint, pleaaaaaase? :3

it’s floss, what did you expect :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Cat,

That’s really quite interesting. I’m sure I’ve seen them placed before that didn’t come out like that. Could you try placing it on different surfaces? Does this Mankini have any textures? We’ll have a look at this our side :slight_smile:


I guess I could start a game of ‘where’s the mankini’ xD but yes seems the same for me on all surfaces. The bikini is a little better to see than the mankini. It also seems the same for the non c version too.

same with jungle shorts (F)

oooh i hadn’t thought about other clothes tested and yus your right

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hehe Nakor, for the win

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Socrates, i will repost here once im done with my dozen