Once again, about forum design


It’s been two years and you’ve forgotten why you disabled the visual themes in this forum. I’ll remind you: A small error in forum design

Of course, in the forum settings, we can turn off that awful look. But the problem is that finding those settings is a non-trivial task in itself.

Please return everything to the way it was.

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put it in dark mode, cancels out the background they are testing it at the moment to see why, and how to fix the dev’s know and are working on it

You can put in into dark theme by going to your profile and selecting the theme

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Thank you for taking the time to post a screenshot of the forum setup. Your message will undoubtedly be useful for forum members.

In my opinion, testing is good, but they could have left the default theme with a gray background, no picture, during testing.

However, I don’t understand why you can’t leave any of my threads with an appeal to the developers unanswered? I write to them and expect a response from them, not the average player.

Hi Alfa, I appreciate your feedback
The background was reinstated per player request.
We will take into account your feedback along wit that of everyone else giving feedback on the matter.
The matter is broader than simply the opinion of one player.
That said your feedback is noted and taken into account.
I believe another player already solved your immediate issue though so that at least is resolved.

Thank you for your assistance cat
As you know we are not on the forum 24/7 so we appreciate when players step in and assist another player as you do.

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Osiris, thank you for your reply.

Still, I would prefer to get answers from the developers by contacting you, even if I have to wait some time. You are fully qualified to respond, and it’s better to get a first-hand answer than an outsider’s opinion. If I want to hear the players’ opinions, I will ask them directly.

Thanks again.

The answer I gave was derived from the answer the devs gave on the ni discord Official Next Island Discord

I would have to say that your response leans towards being rude.
If you wanted a response solely from me you would have messaged me directly not made a public post on a public forum.
So by making a post here you are in essence asking for assistance from myself and the entire dev team as well as anyone reading the forum.
Therefore when the person who runs NIHelper and works closely with devs on matters related to NI answers you I would consider this as the assistance you were looking for.
Her response combined with mine 100% answered your concerns and the initial response by cat was in my opinion accurate, helpful, respectful and swift.
I would appreciate if you show the respect to follow players where it is due and refrain from the passive aggressive comments.
We as developers are not waiting on the forum 24/7 to answer questions as said before on this forum and in discord if you need me and need me fast message me on discord directly.
And even then I may not be at home or awake or in front of my pc.