Welcome to the New Forum (Please Read)

Greetings all!

Glad to see you made it to the other side, and welcome to our new forum! :innocent:

There are lots of new features to explore, as well as getting familiar to the layout of things. I understand this is probably a big change so I appreciate if it takes some time to get used to.

Not able to make a post?

You need to read a few threads and posts, hang around the forum a bit before the option unlocks for you. This is a security measure. If you are trying to post links/images while having a relatively new account, your post may be held for review, but don’t worry we’ll approve it when we see it.

With this new forum, we’d like to get your feedback and suggestions to help us improve it. It is also likely there may be a few bugs that need to be fixed too :wink:. You can submit any suggestions or reports here.

We’ve also managed to archive a load of old-forum threads, so if you are missing a post, please check our archive here.

Enjoy the new forum!


Gratz on the new forum Socrates, I know it’s a lot of work to develop. :+1:


Well done! Excited to see more activity on the forum after this forum migration!

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Looking good Socrates :slight_smile:

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Seems very good =) Gz.!

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well done now lets get active lol in the crafting section with good deeds and info lmao

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You can download the Mobile App version of the forum by opening the forum on a phone browser. You should be prompted with a message to install. Enjoy!

so, far it already seems better I like the fact things can be “liked” etc to show some sort of something more than just seeing a view with nothing. thats good to see

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You also do not have to refresh thread pages! You can see people typing at the bottom and the thread will update with new posts in real time :slight_smile:


lol so people can watch how poorly I type xD


Thank you for the New Forum its awesome so far


im trying to figure out how to edit my post but, its not letting me? so, i ended up having to reply for my post curious if maybe others are having same issue or maybe i just dont know what im doing lol I know i edited once before but, maybe theres a limit?

Hello everybody! I’m glad to join your community :slight_smile: