Understanding Forum "Trust Levels"

Greetings all,

Over the last week, I’ve had a number of people come to me asking why they are unable to post links, images etc or access certain features. While this was covered here, I shall give it a dedicated post here.

This new forum features “Intelligent Security”. This means that the forum will constantly look at multiple factors relating to your account and activity, to determine how it responds to your actions.

For example;

If a relatively new users attempts to post images, the system may decide to hold those posts in moderation, for an admin like myself to approve. However, as that user spends time on the forum, after a while the system will relax and allow them to post images without need for review as they may be considered trustworthy (unless actions have been taken against said account).

Users can gain trust levels by readings posts, liking posts, creating posts, and generally interacting with the forum. As you go up a level, the system will relax and be less restrictive, and is less likely to hold your posts in moderation. It will also unlock features like link posting, wiki editing etc.

Other features, such as new users typing very fast or making posts in quick succession may cause the system to temporarily silence you for example.

There are a multitude of other measures, such as quickly changing IPs etc etc that the system may take into account.

To conclude (TL:DR):

While it may seem frustrating or annoying at times, these features keep our community safe from spammers, scammers, fake accounts and bots etc - that have been known to be a real issue on other forums and our previous one.

So all you need to do is interact with the forum, and over time the system will trust you more and make things a little easier :slightly_smiling_face:.

We want to ensure you can trust the posts you read are from genuine players, and that the tone of conversation is constructive and reasonable, to make a community that people actually enjoy being a part of.

Thanks for taking the time to read :heart:

  • Socrates.

Very helpful info Socrates. Thanks for taking the time to explain this new system we are using.


Thanks for the info. Would be nice if that restriction with links did not apply to the reward redemption thread for the community recognition program though.

*edit: Nevermind, it unlocked the ability to post links after I posted this one comment.


Hi @Socrates , just registered on the forum. It’s Fredelig from discord. How many levels are there? :smiley::wave:

I just made 2 post with screenshots. I hope they are visible for the moderators to be approved.


Heyo Fredelig,

According to Discourse documentation, there should be levels 0 to 4. Levels 0 to 3 are automatically assigned by the system for achieving things while level 4 is manually assigned by forum admins.


Thanks @vic_skaya , I’m on basic trust level, guess that’s 1


I have to wonder if earning the trust-levels organically is different than being manually promoted by an administrator like Socrates…
I like the idea of trust-levels as it also prevents bots and not-actual-EU-players from gaining access to all of the content posted herein. In the interest of personal avatar security it’s better to have only the EU players actually interacting here.


Thank you for explaining it further Socrates. I guess i’ll need to make more posts to go up another trust level.

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It is incredibly stupid. So i cant post now? Since my views dont match the views of the forum nazi?

It’s an automated system. You should be able to post :slight_smile: