New Player Zone - Forum Category Information

Greetings all,

I have created a new forum category, New Player Zone, and the subcategory, New Player Guides.

New Player Zone will be an area for newer players (whether to EU or NI or both) to ask questions about the game that will have trusted and approved responses.

The new players themselves will be able to mark replies as “solutions”, allowing other players to see that the response has been helpful to them. All replies to these will require moderator approval, to ensure the integrity of the information provided.

The Subcategory, New Player Guides, will be a Wiki type category. Players will with a Trust Level of Regular and above will be able to create and edit these topics/posts.

I would ask that as a community, if you come across new players, that you can post them in this direction so that as a community we can efficiently help them with good information. Entropia is a very complex game that can sometimes be very overwhelming so I have created this space to hopefully make the learning process easier. Any suggestions, please post them in Forum Suggestions Category.

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