Spot for Big Screechers gone?


Prior to the Twen event, there were many Big screechers around
[Next Island, 135707, 85993, 193, Waypoint]

Now the place is… deserted.

Have they migrated somewhere else ? or is it a bug ?

I used to hunt the low and medium Screechers around [Next Island, 133835, 84393, 169, Waypoint] and the high Screechers around [Next Island, 135707, 85993, 193, Waypoint]

Useful when the 8 waves location is camped by a high player killing everything… :unamused:

try here [Next Island, 134687, 86155, 218, Waypoint] they are only male screechers there too

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Yes that was the place i was talking about, coords are very close.

Went there 5 min ago, the place is now completely deserted.

Unless it’s subterranean and there is a cave i should know about ? :blush:

Cat’s wp is the one you should use if you are looking for high level male screechers.
The wp you had is indeed changed a little bit. It was mixed before and covering that part as well.
Now the females (big ones) are in the Hero’s Folly instance and the males are up there alone on the left side of the river.

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Alright, found them [Next Island, 135174, 86309, 223, Waypoint] :smirk:

Even better for the daily when the wave is occupied :+1:

Thanks both of you !

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