Some suggestions for new VU

I have some suggestions for following VU’s.

  1. Make optional Ascension set for next community recognition program with mindforce skill gain buffs or make it possible to choose if person want to get a set with weapon buffs or mindforce buffs. As alternative, make some kind up Ascension upgrade mission to add mindforce skill gain buffs. Many people choose mindforce as an option to unlock intuition skills, so this change will attract a lot of new or more people.

  2. Daily screecher containment mission: Maybe it is possible to make this as an instance where you can enter anytime you want and do your daily mission here? This place is popular and there is almost always someone doing mission, and also sometimes other persons come while you are shooting and ruin your daily as it’s hard to finish it outside schreecer nest. Alternative - I’m sure this small island can is big enough to add one more screecher nest so there would be at least possible to hunt here for two persons at the same time.

  3. Bring back sweat bot. This was unique in whole EU.

  4. Add flower port to mutant boar wave area. This place is also quite popular and it’s annoying to run/fly here, find other person and come back later. Flower port to grey papoo wave might be good addition too.

  5. Find more uses for NI mined materials. Basiclly only Dark Lysterium has markup and other 3 are recycle materials due to not enough uses.

  6. Make some new textures like Azurite, Citrine textures or other.

  7. All items at fishing NPC cost way too much still, which makes almost no sense for fishing. We need some fresh look into this to make fishing great.

  8. Add at least choise of 3 skills for 1000 clicks stone texture crafting daily mission. Texture engineering skill is quite useless as it only contributes to one proffession.


Thank you for your suggestions. Some of these are already on our radar and might be implemented in some fashion soon. Others might need further investigations before making any descisions.
But all in all, very clear and easy to understand. :slight_smile:

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