New Item Idea: [Drake Scale Armor Plate]

This is an idea for a new unlimited plate that is somewhat based on the existing ingame item called: [HENDRIX Dragon Plate mk2 (L)]

The [Drake Scale Armor Plate] could be made from all sorts of Drake loot (some from each type of Drake) and fill the elemental armor plate gap with specs like these:

[Drake Scale Armor Plate]

  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Cold: 20 HP
  • Acid: 20HP
  • Electric: 20 HP
  • Total: 60 HP
  • Durability: 2500
  • Maximal TT: 50 PED

Keep the weight low since Drakes fly. And the damage protections could mimic the various flavors of Drakes on Next Island.


I moved this to suggestions, so it will be easy to find.
It sounds interesting, thanks for adding so much detail to it.
I can’t say if it’s possible or not, or when, but we will look into it.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Yes, and if a bp for them can be made. Please let the armor plates be (L)