PPG Hunting Event

PlayPointGames team is happy to announce our new Team Hunting Event!!

This is a free to join team hunting event, where we will give you a 9 PED Knife* or Toulan Eagle and 2 PED Ammo. Free healing is provided.

Event will be held EVERY Sunday at 18:30 UTC

Join the PPG Discord Server!

and the Website!

Selection Process:

  • Use PPG Website to sign up to TT weapon hunt event (PlayPointGames.com)
  • 10 avatars will be chosen.
  • Sign ups that have earned 15 PPG tokens during the week get priority and a full TT 9PED knife*(players also keep the tokens earned).
  • The lucky ones that randomly get chosen without PPG priority get Toulan Eagle and 2ped shrap.
  • Players get to keep their LOOT :smile:
  • Event will be held on NI for now, but later it might move onto other Planets/Moons

Event #1 June - 19/06/2022

Event #2 June - 27/06/2022

Event #3 June - 28/06/2022

Thank you all for participating :grin:

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Event #1 July - 03/07/2022
Event #2 July - 10/07/2022
Event #3 July - 17/07/2022
Event #4 July - 24/07/2022
Event #5 July - 31/07/2022
Thank you all for participating in July :grin: