Team Hunt Chapter 1

Monkey Sebastian asks for help! Here and now!

The event will start on September 25, 2021 at 08.00 game time.

  1. Monkey Sebastian’s daily quest should be available. (not taken, but available).
  2. Each member of the team (must get full party + I) receives 10 ped from me.
  3. Buy a pistol and cartridges in TT (3 ped pistols and 7 ped cartridges).
  4. Together we go to shoot the pigs on the daily quest from Sebastian.
  5. After the end of the quest, we tell Sebastian the good news!
  6. We return to me 5 ped loot, which was filled + the received reward from Sebastian. The rest is all yours.

The party hunt will last about an hour. I ask you to get together 15 minutes before the start of the party hunt in order to have time to collect the party. Write a message below to get into the queue for an invitation to the party. In the message just indicate your full avatar nickname

Fly safe!

Anatol RidRock Bondarenko


Not sure if i can participate, but it sounds like fun

Good luck with the event!

My full name: Nakor of Boreft

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Yes… ill try go… Machichy Katalina Machy, Katalina for all my friends :heart_eyes:

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I’ll be there. DannyGo Danny BadukWeiqi

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Joining. CHOO h3be MINGHUI

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yup ill be going bob south

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My name -Defender Tesla Lord

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Alek Gozzy Abernor count me

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QEE ben acher do itXD

Thank you all for your participation! We’ll meet again tomorrow!
Event report in video. Watch from 1.50 to the end. Alas, the event dragged on, a little :)))

count me Alek Gozzy Abernor :slight_smile: