Reward Redemption Thread

Submission for September 2021
Stirge Stirge Stirge

Auberon Night Night

Hosted SSI events on the following dates.

3 September
6 September
22 September
29 September
30 September

Confirmation available per usual means

Stephen kai jackson


17event at 15 points each = 255

Month: September 2021
Avatar: Aurisk Morey Kenbi

Category - Youtube
10pt - Shares update from Next Island’s Ancient Greece!
10pt - Analyzing Ancient Greece shares!
10pt - Analyzing Next Island’s Economy
10pt - How to succeed as a low lv hunter on Next Island
10pt - What if some Next Island BPs have double the success rate?

Total Points: 50

Nick : Erebereberto Ma Fe
Month : September
Category : Streaming on Twitch (Spanish)
Hours : 25+
Submitting for month of September
Link Stream : Twitch

Link Videos:

Here we go again 5 Lorestories about my journey with my new shop on Next Island

Month: September
Avatar: Patrick Patrikan Habaton:

Category Lore 50pt:

Thanks a bunch for the whole contest that got me to write for the last 7 months as well as the possibility to buy such small booths and cement our relation to the NI community.

Keep the good work up.

1 Like - /videos/1161103840
3 hours and 26 mins - /videos/1161586292
4 hours and 40 mins - /videos/1164778240
6 hours and 7 mins - /videos/1166738212
7 hours and 6 mins - /videos/1167340239
3 hours 41 mins

25 hours and 6 mins!!!

hope you all have had a wonderful time for the event!!!

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Hello Everyone!

Well, the time has indeed come, our 7 months is now, finally up. Time really does fly, but while I hope many of you have enjoyed this - I know you’ll also be pleased to be able to relax.

Results for this month will be live in 1-2weeks. You’ll be pleased to know I now have Striders on my avatar for those who were missing them, though I am still awaiting Skyrippers for those who have completed the 7 month streak.

Please DO NOT continue to make/participate submissions for October. You will not get rewarded as the 7 months is over.

I also know many of you are very eager to know what our plans are and whether we plan to continue the program. This will be announced this month.

However, in the meantime, please do reach out to me, either through a forum post, mail, or discord message to give your feedback about the program :heart:

So, I shall see you all in game and keep an eye out for the results soon!


Thanks for the program I have had fun streaming for the armor. :smiley:

I was not going to do it at the start as I did not stream any more. But friends ingame said I should do it. So I gave it a try and had fun doing streaming again and got to know a lot of the people on NI.

Thanks for the armor parts I did get and I am looking forward to getting the Strider. :smiley:
I do hope you keep doing the armor program as I really would like to get the rest of the armor and the Skyripper. If you do not keep it going I understand , and I had a lot of fun and thanks for doing the advent.

Grats to all who got the full armor set now. Thanks again Socrates and all others for a fun advent on Next Island.


Thanks for the event … 7 months and we will get a good armor, and almost exclusive … something else to add to the Viceroy, the Dropship and the (almost) Zagol horns …
I’ve had a lot of fun writing stories, and I thank friends of the game for permission to use their names in them.
As always the rigorous questions: Will the skyripper be UL or at least exclusively designed? More events prepared?

Too bad Ancient Greece shares are not deeds like CLD. You could give them as a reward. People will feel more at home owning some deeds.

Thank you for the event Socrates

Never really streamed much prior, but this was a lot of fun and I might keep doing it
Gave me the nudge I needed to dig further into Next Island content than I likely would have otherwise
NI/AG has a lot to offer & I’m glad this event opened my eyes to it

Hope the program gets continued for a few more months so late starters can finish the armor sets

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I started streaming late. Missed 2 months.
I really want to collect the full set. :crazy_face:

There are parts for sale around for those that started late and still need parts, careful what you pay tho

I’m usually not in a hurry but I wanna try Mayhem this year :slight_smile:

Today or tomorrow will be results. No later, almost there!


But you also know you can do Mayhem from any planet right? :slight_smile:

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Yeah but I think that the Vendor is on Caly and I don’t know if Tokens are lootable in space.

Mayhen Tokens is non Lootable,


Thanks for the awesome program Socrates and again I really appreciate all the support from you and everyone else in Next Island who have supported me since I started playing Entropia this year. It is one of the best gaming communities that I am happy to be part of and will continue streaming entropia and promoting Next Island and Ancient Greece :D. Keep up with the good work Socrates and the rest of the Dev team, you guys and gals are doing an awesome job :D.

P.S - I am still owed the strider and the piece for August. I believe my name was missed out for september. I have done at least 47 hours promoting on Next Island for september.