Reward Redemption Thread

Please use this thread to post your submission to qualify for the Community Recognition Program.

You need to make a post for each month that you believe you qualify for. If you’d like to save time by making one big post, please make a new post for each month linking to the original post. This ensures I know that your submission is current and active.

You must include the following in your post:

  • Full Avatar Name
  • Categories you believe you have earned points in
  • Links to appropriate submissible content (ie. relevant Twitch stream, lore submission, YouTube video)

If you are unsure, please check how other users have made their posts, and should you have any questions, please message me on this forum or Discord.


Avatar: Dante Artorius Inferno
Cat: Lore
Points: 50

3 publish at

due limitations of forum, one publish with part 1, another publish with part 2 and one ore publish for part 3 - 4- 5

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Avatar: Pollianna cat1000er Fairling
Category: Lore Creation
Entries #097-#101
(5 entries)

Posted on old forum, date 5th July
(saved screenshots will add later if needed)

Lore page

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Avatar : Happyf33tTV
Category : Streaming on twitch. I believe I have earned at least 50 points streaming on entropia universe so far for June, specifically on next island and ancient greece going through the different daily missions available for new players and promoting the SSI event, a great way to meet new people and good place for new players. I have also been actively promoting Cat’s Next Island guide to new players and players planing to visit NI/AG. I am a variety streamer so wanted to post this link to show you the hours I have done in June and average viewership for entropia universe. If you have any concerns feel free to message me ingame.

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Jo Johaoninho90 jo
Event Creator
July 2021

BIG Industries Sweat Support Initiative Host:
July 02, more than 10 participants 15pts
July 04, more than 10 participants 15pts
July 08, more than 10 participants 15pts
July 11, more than 10 participants 15pts

Total pts: 60.


Missing Emissaries - Pre Entrolympic Events 2022
Hunt 1 Chimera, 12 participants (+15pts)
Tame 1 L.A.R.A, 11 participants (+15pts)
Draw Athena, 9 participants (+ 0, not enough participants)

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Do we need to post again what was posted in the previous forum. I think I wasn’t able to login with my account and made new. Reset password didn’t work.

No need to repost for June/July.



Tomy Hayday de Burg
Stream for month of July

  1. Twitch
  2. Twitch
  3. Twitch
  4. Twitch
  5. Twitch
  6. Twitch
  7. Twitch
  8. Twitch

Almost 27hours total with over 50 points.

Kind regards,

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Ricardo Rick Sanchez
July 2021

July collections - Total time 25:23:01
7/15 - 5:24:04
7/17 - 13:13:14
7/18 - 6:46:43

Cannot seem to add any links so I had to remove the www and I added a space between twitch. and tv. Also I cannot seem to edit my post so I’ll just have to keep deleting my old post to make revisions/updates.

Avalon Butterfly Erupter
Streamer ◘ July 2021

◘ 4 points (2 hour stream)
stream: twitch. tv/videos/1087223456?t=1h
highlight: twitch. tv/videos/1090849173?t=1h

◘ 6 points (3 hour stream)
stream: twitch. tv/videos/1090877113?t=1h
highlight: twitch. tv/videos/1090877781?t=1h

◘ 10 points (5 hour stream)
stream: twitch. tv/videos/1090171761?t=1h
highlight: twitch. tv/videos/1090875195?t=1h

Ability to do all of that will unlock pretty soon automatically. It’s just a security feature for new accounts.

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Avatar - Alaina Bonnie Knight

  • Category - Stream(Twitch), Videos/content ( Social media), Lore (written & Podcast), Event Organiser (Shade spawns, Interplanetary Boss Waves, Sage Boss waves )
  • Twitch link - Twitch
  • Social link - Redirecting...
  • Podcast link -

Specific content to date

  • March

Twitch (First look at Ascension, shared widely across social platforms ( views are not counted when watched within discord etc)

Redirecting... … 8011115586 (SM post RE Ascension armour with 900+ views, 300+ Engagements)

Twitch (Shade wave event, spawned and advertised by me, open to all, more than 10 came, + 3 hour stream 60 average viewers)

Twitch … W8Ub6J4YnI (4.7k HoF clip from above event) … 3337#p3337 (boss waves event, open to all community)

Twitch ( Boss waves, 100+ event attendees, 4 hour stream , 80 average viewers) (Lore entry)

Twitch (stream Sky Ripper mission info, hunt, mine)

Twitch (Stream Sky Ripper mission info, mine + gorgon waves)

Twitch … 6dmhmw4zxf ( First ever mining HOF)

Twitch (Drakes and Snakes stream)

  • April

Gorgon Boss Wave event & Stream (Live stats - 60av, 164 unique)

Gorgon HOF
Twitch … E-dIVLcc3I

SM Posts on NI armour, 1500+ reach(not including shared reach)
Redirecting... … 979110689/

Info shares/photos etc on discord RE Ascension - Several thousand reach.

Shade Spawner mission info stream, + shade event (Live stats 55 av 175 unique)

Shade HoF Clip
Twitch … E-dIVLcc3I

Lore Entry

Lore Entry

Lore Entry

Stream discussing the new UL armour on NI, killing Drakes, Snakes, Megaladon, sharks etc :slight_smile: (50av, 180 unique)

Stream - Full play through of Shade craft, mission info, support, completion etc, + snakes spawn.

  • May

Stream - Scaly Sunday Snakes & Gorgons & Shades Oh My!

Stream - Titans vs Zeus
(50+ stats)

Epic Boss waves event
150+ participants.

Boss waves stream -
(81 av, 371 unique, 633 live viewers)

Lore Entry

Lore Entry

  • June

Moloch Depths & Ghostly Screecher missions run through

In the Moloch Depths info stream

SM Posts Re titan Armour, several thousand reached on the shared posts 50+ comments etc
Redirecting... … 395488147/

Menelausia tour - You tube
Menelausia Hero Estate - Ancient Greece - YouTube

Lore Entry

Lore Entry

Stream - PvP Event! Socrates Thunderdome

Lore Entry

  • July

Stream - Megaladon & Master Molochs!

Stream - Gorgons & Molochs & Drakes oh my! + hunting for more [Titan Shin Guards (F)] parts

Stream - NI Snakes, Molochs & more - -

Lore Entry
Lore Submission Thread - #7 by Bonnie

Lore Entry
Lore Submission Thread - #8 by Bonnie

Lore Entry
Lore Submission Thread - #9 by Bonnie

Lore Entry (two in same post due to forum rule on several posts)
Lore Submission Thread - #9 by Bonnie

Guest Judge at fashion event
Highlights and photography of various events
Molochs Mission information help.

  • August

Stream + info and guide on Ghostly screechers
Killing Ghosts! Wierdest mob in EU, Loot from other mobs!?! - Twitch

Stream + Lots of fun at the event!
PvP Thunderdome event! - Twitch

Stream + tour of all hero estates
Horsing around on Centuars! +Hero Estates. Twitch

Lore Entry
Lore Submission Thread - #17 by Bonnie

Lore Entry
Lore Submission Thread - #17 by Bonnie

Lore Entry
Lore Submission Thread - #17 by Bonnie

Lore Entry
Lore Submission Thread - #17 by Bonnie

  • September

Stream - Gorgon armour upgrade, gorgon waves, molochs depths, titan chat.
@NI for the last [Titan Helmet (F)] parts! - Twitch

Lore Entry
Lore Submission Thread - #22 by Bonnie

Lore Entry
Lore Submission Thread - #22 by Bonnie

Lore Entry
Lore Submission Thread - #22 by Bonnie

Lore Entry
Lore Submission Thread - #22 by Bonnie

Final Ascension Stream! Summary of 7month event &Molochs!
Extras - Many social media/discord photos , chat and info re Titan armour

A HOF like no other
and that will do… - Twitch

Din Dindom Dindazzle (
Streamer - 25 hours+
July 2021

July Collection can be found here: Twitch

Eve Everglades

Submitting for month of July

Category - streaming

Over 25 hours in the following 3 videos:
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Lamia Majora Pechunter
Twitch streamer
July submissions 25+ hrs
Couldent post links either, just add a “h” on them

Avatar: Penelope Penny Lane
Category: Streamer
Time: 25+ hours, July 2021

Collection: Twitch

SpikE SpikE Odets
July submissions 25+ hrs

Collection: Twitch

July 9 - 4:09:50 - Link: Twitch
July 14 - 5:17:30 - Link: Twitch
July 16 - 4:19:06 - Link: Twitch
July 17 - 3:35:00 - Link: Twitch
July 21 - 4:10:00 - Link: Twitch
July 22 - 3:57:20 - Link: Twitch

Total of 25:28:46 in 6 videos

same as above just need to add h to each of the links to get them to work

Kenpachi SilentCrow BlackFalcon
catagory - streaming via twitch

julys submission 25h total in julys collection located here.

This months diary: Of flowers papoo and a cartographer.

Avatar: Jessica Jessie Richard

Category: Video Creation
Month: July


The search for mystical flowers
Dealing with the Sneaking, Thieving Papoo (1/2)
Dealing with the Sneaking, Thieving Papoo (2/2)
Assisting the Cartographer
Starting out the New Elysian Order Training

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Alexander Sertani Garpt
Event Organizer
Organized circles to collect sweat, at this event, participants could sell 1000 bottles and participate in a small quiz where they can win a prize. The duration of the events is 1.5-2 hours, treatment and synchronization are provided. Here are the links to the events held:
Sweat and heal 31July (EU time 18:00-19:30) 16july 11-18 participants
Sweat and heal 31July (EU time 18:00-19:30) - #12 by sertani 19july 8-13 participants
Sweat and heal 31July (EU time 18:00-19:30) - #23 by sertani 20july 11-15 participants
Sweat and heal 31July (EU time 18:00-19:30) - #34 by sertani 23july 10-13 participants
Sweat and heal 31July (EU time 18:00-19:30) - #44 by sertani 31july 11-14 participants

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