Summer Hunt 2022

It is that time of the year where I take 11 lucky people out to hunt in the wilds of NI and what have we been hunting all year? Yes Screechers so how do you feel about hunting up Screeching Hallow :smiley:

As always we’ll start to gather 15mins before the event (starting at 7pm) and then we will fly to where ever we are hunting to hunt what ever mob we are hunting… I’ll be handing out weapons and ammo when everyone arrives

What is the catch?.. No catch this is a free hunt made posable by my event… Firepower For Sweat initiative
and posable donations buy other players who wish to help out new players like I do…

So come on down the 31th of this month and lets have a fun hunt and remember don’t get to butt hurt if loot is bad it’s a free hunt after all

All hunts are part of FFSI/HSSC events and it’s basically what I do with all the profits from those events.

Prize Donators: “Hayday = C.A.R.A”

One Small Step won C.A.R.A



This sounds like it could be fun! I need an excuse to come back to Next Island anyway. I mean, if ammo and guns are provided, I’m definitely game. I could even stream it, if you like. :slight_smile: I’ll come back on the 30th, but I have no idea what time to be online the 31st. Let us know, k?

EDIT: Oh, 7pm? TZ?