Chirstmas turkey hunt (Screecher hunt))

It’s that time of the year and I meant to do this before Christmas so we all had foods on out plates for Christmas dinner but hey life happens… So Screecher hunt it is

Date 27/12/201
Time 7pm
Meeting point: Screecher Holllow

So this is going to be like most my hunts 5ped ammo and Eagle Rifle we hunt till the guns break or we run out of ammo which ever comes first also still looking for a prize but hopefully will find one before the event, just need to remember to give it out not like on Toulan XD

Event Globals: [Globals]: Team “Turkey hunt event” killed a creature (Male Screecher Guardian) with a value of 168 PED!


nice Kai, I am going to visit. So willn’t we convert shrap?

Im in for some christmas fun :slight_smile:

I’ll be there :smiley:
Nakor of Boreft

a couple of pics from the hunt xD I tried to get the global but Im not quick enough so no gold swirlies :smile_cat:

It was a lot of fun and we hit a 168 pedder!!

Had a great time :slight_smile: . Cant wait for next year!