TeeNI Photo Competition

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, so now is your chance to talk our ears off.

Next Island brings you a festive season photo competition with some extra special prizes.

In this VU we added lilypad estates around the fishing area specifically for the fishermen and fisher-women who enjoy the new lake.

So if you want a lilypad estate share with us your festive outfit both in game and in real life.

Yes you read that correctly.

Dress up your avatar and take a screenshot on Next Island or Ancient Greece and then remake the look in real life and post both pictures on the discord channel specifically added for this competition. Find it under Next Island Official Discord, “teeni-competition”.

You can be serious or funny, sexy or brooding. Show us your fun side, creative side or however you would like to do it.

As long as the in game image and the real life image corresponds or support each other.

Nothing we will need to ban please but have some fun and share that with everyone.

One submission per avatar.

To keep the judging fair we opted to not have players vote for the winners.

But we as the NI devs are biased so we opted to call in representatives of all planets.

Someone from the staff of each planet will have a vote to decide the winners and their scores will be averaged to determine the winner.

The competition opens today 2023-11-28 and closes 2023-12-14 15:00 gametime

Winners will be announced 2023-12-22.


Better keep bumping this one so one misses an opportuity to own a…leaf :wink: