Announcement: Ancient Greece Shares

Next Island and MindArk have been closely monitoring the popularity and performance of Ancient Greece shares since their release, and have agreed to take efforts to improve revenue share distributions for Ancient Greece shareholders.

The Next Island team has been humbled by and thankful for the community’s support of our efforts to breathe new life into Next Island. Your faith in our development and contributions to the community of our planet means a lot to our hard-working team. In turn, we feel we have enough information at this point to make a sensible reduction in the total number of Ancient Greece shares available, which will of course increase revenue share distributions for current and future shareholders.

Accordingly, 350,000 Ancient Greece shares will soon be removed from Next Island’s remaining (unsold) share holdings, resulting in 400,000 total outstanding Ancient Greece shares (compared to the 750,000 shares originally created). This new total number of shares will continue to receive 50% of Next Island’s portion of Ancient Greece revenue, and thus represents a significant increase in expected revenue distributions per share.

We feel that this change will position Ancient Greece shares on a par with other successful share and deed offerings in Entropia Universe, while still providing ample resources for our team to continue expanding and improving Next Island and Ancient Greece moving forward.

Thank you for your continued support,
Next Island Development Team.


Does it mean that the revenue of the 350k deleted shares will go to the 400k shares in game ?

With the amount of shares taken out, the revenue per share will increase accordingly (as total revenue will not change but the number of shares it is distributed to is less) :slight_smile: about a 80-90% increase per share.


@Socrates I have been looking over the forum after you gave me the link on the Entropia Discord Server this morning. You provided a lot of great information about Ancient Greece as to your development progress since you took over in 2017 to us there. I don’t remember all the great things you pointed out though.

I wonder if you might be able to do a basic run down of the highlights of what’s been changed, added, or edited from before your taking over? Also, is the infusion of share holders investment going to be used to pay for what’s already been done to AG, or will it be for future development, and if so could you, while not committing to anything, present some of the basic ideas you and the team have for future development? If future development is not planned, what are your plans to draw the player base to AG? As you point out, the purpose of your team is the breathe new life into Next Island and Ancient Greece. You pointed out some great initiatives to that end on Discord.

I know that committing to anything is not possible without knowing more information about things like what the community would like to see done. I think you have already done enough to draw players to at least check out what you’ve done to AG. This morning you provided a simple break down of the route you take to get there, how you go about getting on the Entropia Exchange to buy shares and trade shares, and the advantages of playing in AG on NI. Before you spoke about it this morning I really had no desire to fly all the way over there, but now I want to see it for myself. I think placing a post somewhere on the forum breaking all of that down would help people in doing their investment research to whether or not they are interested in investing.


Starburst :money_mouth_face: