Archangels VIP and scheduled Warps

The Archangels fleet currently consists of two privateers (SF6 & SF28) and one firebird.

Our trained flight crew strives to provide the same excellent level of service regardless of which ship you fly with. When you fly with ArchAngels you can expect safety and speed, we pride ourselves on consistency and customer comfort. We currently offer VIP warps ( Warp on demand ) and as our fleet grows, so will our services.

ArchAngels believe the greatest aspect of Entropia Universe is its strong community, and in order to maintain a prosperous community we require new players to take interest in what EU has to offer. We can all attest in the beginning, EU is somewhat steep in the sense of learning how the universe works, and how to make the universe work for you.

So to make things easier for new players, ArchAngels are offering free scheduled warps to “True Islanders” avatars. Following the new VU update we will release the specific details on the Next Island Forum. The scheduled warp service will set specific times and dates where avatars can depart from NI and the ships will return back to NI, after warping to the Space Stations of any desired planets within the scheduled warp. Through this service players will have the ability to engage in trade, restock on materials and import/export goods to/from NI.

ArchAngels is actively organizing and participating in NI events in conjunction with our warp services, making attendance easier than ever. We are actively looking for like minded players and societies that would be willing to work together with us on NI to show new players what this awesome community has to offer.

If you would like to join us in our endeavors there are many ways to get in touch with us. You can contact me or any of the other ArchAngels through the NI forum, ArchAngels discord, or in-game messages. Here are a few notable members:

Rawr66 Rawr66 Rawr66

Shaman SYNshaman lotus

Sarah SarahWatson Watson

David WestGhoster Carson

Xx Purplebong xX

If you wish to find out more about Archangels or require our services feel free to join our discord.

Even if you’re just interested in linking up with other Entropia players looking to share the experience, we have voice channels that are open to the public.