Returning to EU; How do I get started on this planet? (plus some more questions)

Hi! I made an account way back in 2007 (Whew, I just checked and I still can’t believe it). I didn’t play much and forgot about the game. I returned back to the game and I’m a bit confused.

If I start a brand new character can I start on other planets?

I have some PED in my old account. How would I get to there and start playing?

Also, is taming/crafter easier to get into here? That’s what I want to do.

What about housing?

Lastly what’s going on with Ancient Greece Deeds? Are those a good buy? The news about treasure island brought be back to the game. I was curious about bought one.


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Firstly, welcome back to the game!

I know this question is often best suited to players, but I will do my best to answer and help where I can. I am the Community Manager and Developer for Next Island, to introduce myself!

If you would like to make a new avatar, I would remind you that you would need to request to have your old avatar deleted through Entropia Universe Support.

If you want to make a new avatar on a different planet, all you need to do is create your account via the Planet Partners’ website. I would advise first that you should clear any Cookies on your browser first (as this can cause issues). If you want to make a new account on Next Island, you can do so through this link.

If you want to keep using your existing account and come to Next Island, you can do this through a few means. Either you can fly yourself using a space capable ship (Quad Wing or Sleipneir) with a Space Thruster attached. Ensure you have plenty of Oil, and simply fly upwards and you will enter space. From there you can use the map to find the right direction and fly to the planet you want to go to.

If you would like to find a quicker and easier route, many players offer warp services for a price. You can ask for such services in game.

BIG Industries also offer a free warp once per week on Sundays from Calypso to Next Island. You can find a very brief guide to space on our website here.

As for taming and crafting I cannot say I know much myself. We offer a few pets a varying different levels to tame, as appropriate to your skills (namely the LARA and the Asclarias). As for crafting, there is loads to be crafting on Next Island, from clothes to furniture - many of which Blueprints can be obtained via our Daily Missions. That said, players can probably advise you more specifically than myself.

On the subject of housing, there are a number of player owned houses and shops on Next Island, so you would need to talk to the current owners to see if they would be interested in selling theirs. We also have new apartments planned for next year so there are more options coming soon.

You can find revenue information that we publish regarding Ancient Greece Shares here. I would like to add that Next Island is committed to adding to, developing and improving Ancient Greece for the future.

Finally, (though these are Next Island specific) I would like to share with you a few resources that you may find useful both in terms of learning about what content we offer, and being able to ask the community questions and get involved again:

NIHelper is a website that you can use to find out about all content on Next Island.

Our Official Discord Server is a great place to talk to other players about also Developers such as myself - and receive latest updates about our planet.

Welcome back, Merry Christmas and I hope this has been helpful to you.


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