Cat's 5th Year anniversary

Join me on my 5th Avatar birthday at the gorgon pit \o/

When: 9th April
Time: 1:30 pm Game time
Location: /wp [Ancient Greece, 36645, 17364, 109, Waypoint]

What you will need to do if you want to take part
You will need to Unlock the area through the Deliver us from the Dark Queen

Bring along any gun you have if you want to hunt for a long time I would recommend bringing a small gun, (I may also have some to hand out on the day), there is no pressure on bringing high level weapons (we just hope the ubers carry us xD)

No need to bring sweat as I will be setting it up for the day, if you want to start the wave feel free but there is no pressure to do it. (its 10k sweat to start the wave)

We will be sticking to the Gorgon Wave unless more higher level players show up. Defiantly 1 round and possibly 2 if we can defeat the gorgon

I will be streaming that day
but anyone is free to stream the event too, if you pm me I will also add you here for the event as well

If you need any help with accessing the gorgon area or you want to take part and don’t know how pm me in game: Pollianna cat1000er Fairling