FREE weekly TREE cutting competition May 15th - May 21st and prizes for all participants: CRP23

Hello Dear Islanders,

I will be hosting FREE tree cutting event.

Event dates:
2023.05.15 - 2022.05.21;

Please track Next Island channels ( [#nextisland] and [#nitrade] ) for event advertisements and contact me to get FREE tree harvesting tool [Reaper I (L)].
Alternatively you can contact me in game during event dates, IGN: Vidmantas Vill Laukys.

Event rules:

  1. You will get [Reaper I (L)] for tree cutting.
  2. You go and cut trees until [Reaper I (L)] broke.
  3. You bring me back loot you got from cutting trees.
    4.4. NEW RULE: Every participant can choose one FREE item as a reward (choose 1 item from 5 items shown on trade window).*
    5.5. NEW RULE: Target is at least 10 persons to participate in weekly event, but I will accept UNLIMITED amount of unique players. Only need to contact me asking to participate.*

Event prizes:

1st best tree cutter will win [Reaper I (L)].

There won’t be monthly competition on May as I will be away for week4.
Montly competition will start from June.

Determination of the winner:

  1. Weekly winner is participant which get highest tree loot with free [Reaper I (L)] that I will provide;
  2. Weekly standings will be published in this thread and I will contact winner in game to get their prizes.

Additional information:

  1. You can pick Weekly Harvesting mission and also progress your mission while participating in tree cutting competition. Mission NPC: /wp [Next Island, 135933, 83344, 119, Jamie the Chef]
  2. Tree cutting gives huge amount of skills and most part of these skills contributes to Looter professions.
  3. Need more information about tree cutting overall? No problem - cat1000er got you covered:
  4. Cant find enough trees to cut? Go to “Knossos” teleported at Ancient Greece, there are plenty of trees for everyone: /wp [Ancient Greece, 36504, 17632, 142, Waypoint]. If you don’t have this teleporter and need a free ride to it, please contact me in game.
  5. Got any other questions? Don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:
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Event is running, contact me for your [Reaper I (L)]!

All trees are cut for week 3 event on May.

Week 3 standings:

1 [Blodreina] 5,88
2 [Irina Tempora Sonata] 5,81
3 [Hikkigaya8man] 5,35
4 [Patrikan Habaton] 5,17
5 [Oo] 4,95
6 [Fire DBug Fly] 4,93
7 [Nakor of Boreft] 4,74
8 [Luar] 4,66
9 [Honö Âmaer Feocennodé] 4,62
10 [Cleopatra] 4,55
11 [AxeMurderer] 4,32
12 [minchas] 4,28
13 [Happyf33tTV] 4,27
14 [Joe13 Warrior02 JL] 4,22
15 [thegamerguy] 4,16
16 [Temporary Frumpel Kobold] 4,07

Congratulations to [Blodreina] for winning [Reaper I (L)] for 3d week event!

Total number of participants: 16
Total loot from trees during week 2: 75,98 ped (95,0%).

Event screenshots:

Please note that there won’t be week 4 event on May as I will be away.
Next event will start on 5th of June - to be announced on forum later.

Congratulaftions [Blodreina] for winning!