FREE weekly TREE cutting competition May 1st - May 7th and prizes for all participants: CRP23

Hello Dear Islanders,

I will be hosting FREE tree cutting events, something about the same as last year.

Event dates:
2023.05.01 - 2022.05.07;

Please track Next Island channels ( [#nextisland] and [#nitrade] ) for event advertisements and contact me to get FREE tree harvesting tool [Reaper I (L)].
Alternatively you can contact me in game during event dates, IGN: Vidmantas Vill Laukys.

Event rules:

  1. You will get [Reaper I (L)] for tree cutting.
  2. You go and cut trees until [Reaper I (L)] broke.
  3. You bring me back loot you got from cutting trees.
    **4. NEW RULE: Every participant can choose one FREE item as a reward (choose 1 item from 5 items shown on trade window) **
  4. Weekly event ends when 16 participants attend the event or on the last day stated in event dates above (so it can even end on the first day of the week).

Event prizes:

1st best tree cutter will win [Reaper I (L)].

There won’t be monthly competition on May as I will be away for week4.
Montly competition will start from June.

Determination of the winner:

  1. Weekly winner is participant which get highest tree loot with free [Reaper I (L)] that I will provide;
  2. Weekly standings will be published in this thread and I will contact winner in game to get their prizes.

Additional information:

  1. You can pick Weekly Harvesting mission and also progress your mission while participating in tree cutting competition. Mission NPC: /wp [Next Island, 135933, 83344, 119, Jamie the Chef]
  2. Tree cutting gives huge amount of skills and most part of these skills contributes to Looter professions.
  3. Need more information about tree cutting overall? No problem - cat1000er got you covered:
  4. Cant find enough trees to cut? Go to “Knossos” teleported at Ancient Greece, there are plenty of trees for everyone: /wp [Ancient Greece, 36504, 17632, 142, Waypoint]. If you don’t have this teleporter and need a free ride to it, please contact me in game.
  5. Got any other questions? Don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

I loved those events! This year, I’ll be sure to attend again.

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I’m glad to hear the tree-cutting event is back, ty Vill.

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Event is running, contact me in game to get your [Reaper I (L)]!

Thanks for the great event. Skills are flowing fast :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the event :smiley:

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Probably the best event in the universe. 5 star :partying_face:


All trees are cut for week 1 event on May.

Week 1 standings:

1 [Temporary Frumpel Kobold] 5,59
2 [Angela Draniie Cloud] 5,51
3 [Blodreina] 4,87
4 [Irina Tempora Sonata] 4,69
5 [Honö Âmaer Feocennodé] 4,67
6 [Real Name Hidden] 4,58
7 [Patrikan Habaton] 4,54
8 [misha buldog] 4,46
9 [Joe13 Warrior02 JL] 4,28
10 [Anak Anak-Su-Namun SuNamun] 4,23
11 [Nakor of Boreft] 4,2
12 [Cleopatra] 4,14
13 [AxeMurderer] 4,12
14 [Happyf33tTV] 4,04
15 [Proffessor Warren Rice] 3,94
16 [cat1000er] 3,83
17 [Ifa] 3,54

Congratulations to [Temporary Frumpel Kobold] for winning [Reaper I (L)] for 1st week event!

Total number of participants: 17
Total loot from trees during week 1: 75,23 ped (88,5%).

Event screenshots:


Congratulations to [Temporary Frumpel Kobold] for winning [Reaper I (L)] for 1st week event!