HONI Game of Chairs is back!

If you can remember the chaos of chair climbing in Thebes Market then you’ll love the fact Game of Chairs is back!!! (previous event can be found here New Event: Game of Chairs)

This time in a completely new location!

Location: Carnival Island Tree house. B3
Date: 17th June 2023
Game Time 17:00 to 18:00
Real life Time: 2023-06-17T17:00:00Z2023-06-17T18:00:00Z

Due to limited item points on the tree house I can only fit 11 chairs with obstacles.

If more than 12 people wish to join I will randomly spilt the group into 2 groups each group will take part simultaneously, such as Round 1 Group 1 then it will be Round 1 Group 2. Until only 12 finalists remain. This will that go into the Final round.

Please Sign up in the forum so I can see how many will attend and then I can randomly assign groups if need be ahead of time.

If you’ve ever played musical chairs irl its very similar to that.

  • You will start at the bottom of the tree by the flower pots. This will become the “Dance Zone”
  • The host (cat) will shout “GO” from the top of the tree. When you hear this you will need to run to flower pot B3 and find a seat.
  • The person left standing will be eliminated
  • One seat will be taken away each round until only 1 seat remains.
  • The top 3 will win prizes.
  • Please sign up by replying to this thread below with your IGN

1st Place
Aeglic Ring, Improved TT 8.10 ped
2nd Place
Trojan Breastplate (M/F) TT 7 ped
3rd Place
L.A.R.A. Plushie TT 1 ped

Everyone that takes part will also receive a small participation item. (possibly it will be a Screecher Puny Lollipop if I can get enough in time)

Good Luck all.

Helping on Next Island

If you would like to sponsor a prize for this event please contact Pollianna cat1000er Fairling. Prizes at the moment are either from my own personal stock or from the Society HONI.

This event may be streamed by myself on the day


Reserved in case of teams/list of participants and winners.

First place
Second Place
Third place

(will change this below)
Signed up

  1. Hono
  2. Gozzy
  3. Luar
  4. Lucifer

Count on me, unless rl interferes.

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count me too

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Date of the event has been changed to the 17th due to events on arkadia

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count on me too

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Todays the day \o/

congratulations on our top three winners for this event, Mike, Luar and Lucifer. Thank you to everyone that took part and hopefully next time it will run much smoother.

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