Night Class on Wednesday evenings

What started out as a bit of fun has become a regular feature.
Every Wednesday at 9pm at Crystal Peak during SSI(yes during SSI - so you cant run away and have to listen)
I will share some information about the game. Sometimes old stories, sometimes new but always something that not everyone knows.
After the discussion a trivia question is asked about the topic of the day and up to 10 players can win and sell 1 k elysian tech chips to me at 1,5ped/k.

Guest speakers are welcome. Please message me should anyone wish to have a change to share something.
Starting from this month the discussion will also be posted here for anyone who missed it.


6 April

With Entropia having made public they intend to change to Unreal Engine 5 we are faced with some rather massive changes to come.

The closest other experience to compare to would be VU10 when Entropia changed from Gamebryo to Cryengine. So what can we learn from that change?

Work on creating entropia started in 1995 by two seperate groups and they used Netimmerse 4 as the engine

Entropia was officially launched 30 Jan 2003 on the Gambryo engine which was known as Netimmerse untill 2003.

Some articles about the launch and Gamebryo as well as their wiki link

Under Gamebryo the graphics was very different from what we know now. The next link is an article with some images from Gambryo days

In July 2007 MindArk announced they had reached an agreement with Crytek to use Cryengine 2 going forward.

It stands to reason that they knew about the change and was preparing for it well before the actual agreement was reached.

However the change over still took untill August 2009 to complete and was introduced as VU10

It is clear then that a change of this nature takes years to complete. What may not be clear is that such a change extends further than mere graphics

The previous link lists some of the changes.

Obviously a different engine means different ways things are implemented and changes will affect many things even buildings.

Apart from the addition of space there was massive changes to Calypso and players had mixed reactions

If you follow these links what you will see is divided opinions with most having something they hated about the changes.

UE5 change will not be quick and the game will look and feel different as a result.

It is clear that Entropia needs the upgrade to be able to keep up in the world of gaming and to have a chance of drawing in new players.

With the player base mostly older players who are no longer fond of change are you ready for the change?

I for one am and look forward to explore this new world that will remain in principal the same as it is now